For me, hair represents humanity and is a rich material thick with history, genetics and societal taboos. I use hair in the form of hairballs, locks, sewing thread, matting, and weaving fiber.

In 1993 I shaved my head and began saving my hair. This daily ritual of rolling a hairball in the shower to later be used in my art is one way I weave my art and the everyday together. My creative process helps me understand the complexities, contradictions and injustices of the world we live in today.

I contextualize my work by using word puns, text with dual meaning, and derogatory language as a catalyst to reveal old and new ways of thinking. I am fascinated by the allure of shadows and the interplay between illusion and heightened consciousness. In much of my work I use reflective materials to alter perception, scrutinize information, and bring the viewer into the dialog.

I merge life and art into one continuum. To come to any conclusion, the viewer must investigate her or his own relationship to the given topic.