Owed to The Mountain (fine press book)

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Owed to The Mountain takes three forms: an 8 copy limited edition (collapsible box holding a sculptural three-dimensional mountain with a fine-printed book beneath the mountain), a fine printed book on its own (an edition of 32 numbered 9 - 40), and 250 digital copies printed at Morel Ink in Portland, Oregon.

Owed to The Mountain cultivates a powerful story that inspires knowing a place deeply, sharing Indigenous wisdom, and building a community that turns its love for a mountain into action. Animal ink drawings in various colorful ecosystems and habitats appear among the text, documenting the changing seasons. The stories weave multiple Native voices that underscore the value of friendship, reciprocity, interdependence, and cooperation. This book is a call to action. The US Forest Service manages Mt. Hood National Forest as a timber production site rather than as a living ecosystem; its forest management plan has not been updated for 30 years. There is no mention of climate change, the role forests play in carbon sequestration, or how fire suppression has left our forests and their inhabitants vulnerable to catastrophic fires. Native people have known all along that fire is an integral part of an interrelated system of people, plants, animals, and the land. I have joined Bark’s Free Mount Hood Committee, which advocates for the USFS management plan to be updated to include vital provisions to protect clean drinking water, promote beaver and other wildlife habitat restoration, support mature forests, amend the plan to center the vision of Native communities, and include the practice of controlled burns.

2.5% of sale proceeds will be given each to C.R.Í.I.D. Foundation and to Bark to support their important work.
Materials and printmaking techniques for the fine-press book include solar etching plates developed from Sumi ink animal drawings, a monoprint centerfold, a water motif silkscreen printed on book cloth for the hard covers, end sheets made from eco-printing plants found on Mt. Hood, habitats created from pressure printing and reduction woodcuts, and stories handset in Weiss foundry type (Roman and italic 12 pt., 14 pt., and 18 pt.) and printed letterpress. Book pages are Zerkall paper, end pages are Rives lightweight, and the beaver and river otter were printed on mulberry paper and adhered to the inside covers. 13" x 13" x .25" 2021