Interwoven Alphabet

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Interwoven Alphabet is a collaborative edition of two artist's books created over an 8 month period between Alisa Banks and Diane Jacobs. Each edition consists of 26 half-inch thick squares of felt for the pages. Each page features imagery by both artists on the larger sides. Words are stitched along the four narrow edges of each page. Imagery and words correspond to the letter of the alphabet assigned to the page. Together, the artist chose four words per letter with sound playing a role in the final selection. Themes include: relationships, nature, the senses, time, politics, and the environment. The pages were exchanged back and forth between Portland and Dallas, responding to each other's marks until all were completed.wool felt blocks, thread, paper, plants, human hair, fur, bone, found objects. Stitched, carved, felted, drawn, and constructed individual felt squares - 2.5" x 2.5", closed box - H 10.5" x W 5.75" x D 3", Open: H 10.5" x W 26.2 2019