object n. object v.

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object n. object v. is a sculptural artist book that juxtaposes two very different realities for women who lived north of the Mediterranean Sea during Classical antiquity. Ancient Greek society regarded beauty along with chastity as the most important characteristics for females; male desire objectified the female body. But beautiful women also represented danger that had to be controlled, thus giving rise to an oppressive and misogynist culture. At the same time, an egalitarian nomadic society roamed from Thrace as far east as Mongolia. These Scythian women warriors were known as Amazons. These starkly opposite realities simultaneously obscure and magnify our present struggle for equality.

All the text on the left side is derived from Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation by Ruby Blondell. The text excerpts on the right side are from Adrienne Mayor’s book The Amazons: Lives & Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World.
Letterpress printed handset type and polymer plates, Amazon ink drawings were inspired from imagery on Greek pottery. Hand crafted cylindrical box by Mark Burdon. Other materials include chicken egg shell, plaster, tangerine skins, gold leaf, acrylic balls , and antique glass & aluminum slide mounts, ceramic, oil paint, human hair, and leather.

Edition of 4.
13" x 12" x 12" 2016