Unbroken Arbor Vitae

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Unbroken Arbor Vitae was a site-specific installation that presented a sculptural Pacific Northwest forest, poetry, photography, video, artist’s book and community engagement. Originally installed at the Suho Memorial Paper Museum in Taipei, Taiwan for an exhibition from October 6, 2014 through January 3, 2015.

The project was conceived and created by Anne Greenwood, Diane Jacobs, Rachel Siegel and Shu-Ju Wang – to inspire reverence and increase awareness of the intimate relationship between people and forests.

Installation: paper forest; photography on fabric; video; Pacific NW wood artist book; engagement log prints: letterpress, color pencil, and laser cut shape; and poem, The Web by Alison Hawthorne-Deming.

size variable
Funded in part by RACC and the Suho Memorial Paper Museum.

TIMES4: Rachel Siegel, Anne Greenwood, Diane Jacobs, Shu-Ju Wang

Special Thank you To Melinda Kowalska for help with installation, hydration and documentation.

The Web by Alison Hawthorne-Deming.

box - Claire Carpenter, wood - Mauricio Rioseco

Log prints by Roseway Heights middle school students and Portland community members