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$PEAK OUT a public art engagement project, collects voices of diverse histories, languages, experiences, perspectives, and presents them in a powerful unified message to end violence and injustice. It is a participatory endeavor in which handwritten messages are laser cut onto real currency (US dollars as well as currency from other countries) and displayed collectively. Viewers are challenged to consider how “money talks,” whose voices dominate in society and how this is perpetuated, and how individuals working together in community might disrupt violence in all its forms. Now more than ever, with the current US administration’s actions of hate, secrecy, and profit for the wealthy 1% we the people need to speak out. The prompt will read – Think about your message in regards to ending violence and injustice or promoting peace and equity. Your message might be expressed as a statement, a chant, a personal story, a drawing, a secret, a poem, a wish, a scream, a demand, a truth…

To participate click here for more information.
420 laser cut real currency 4' x 16' x 6" start date 2014