NOURISH, All Our Relations

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Personal experiences brought Nourish to fruition: visiting Opal Creek’s pristine ancient forest, witnessing a breathtaking starling murmuration, listening to musical compositions that transcend cultural boundaries, and sleeping under the expansive starry night sky. Nourish comes from gratitude and a desire to celebrate the wonders of our natural and created world. It also acknowledges that beneath this beauty looms environmental catastrophe: dying bee colonies, lack of safe drinking water, increasing oceanic garbage, loss of habitat for species whose diversity is dwindling, and our changing climate to name a few. Time is ticking, we must find our way through the labyrinth, unlock the doors of perception, and embody the notion “to be with higher self.” We can become the spider that protects and weaves creative solutions.letterpress printed reduction linoleum and wood blocks, pressure printing, polymer plates, handset title page and colophon, bamboo box, gampi paper, wool felt, cast paper pulp, and porcelain. Edition of 21 8" x 8" x 2" 2012