Woven Paper Hats

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In this body of work I intend to expose the tenacious, white, patriarchal power structure by using language as my witness. Over a three-year period I collected slang and derogatory words that exploit women. The exhaustive list came from friends, family, and several dictionaries on slang. Strangers also contributed by writing on anonymous pink and blue cards their answer to the question what are the worst names you have ever been called? In my first projects, I sculpted hats, bras, and underwear made of letterpress-printed woven paper. This series of work makes feminist references to craft, the body, and a misogynist culture.

Letterpress text on paper. Turned wooden stands by Steve Jacobs.

Exhibited at Gallery Paule Anglim in San Francisco in 1998 and the Hoffman Gallery at Oregon College of Art & Craft.
woven hand-set derogatory words used against women letterpress printed on paper. 2013

Red Hat

Red Hat detail

Green Hat

Green Hat detail

Light Blue Sun Hat