Bowing to Paradox

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Bowing to Paradox is an exhibition that contemplates life - both the joys and the sorrows. It balances the mystery of natural phenomenon and the intricacies of the human condition. The mobile is used metaphorically to suggest the desire for equilibrium. The kinetic sculpture is in constant motion reminiscent of a living thing. The large tree surrounded by leaves is a figment of your imagination yet the shadow testifies to its existence. The grid of small metal combs graph an array of unique identities. A mirror made of military dog tags, a wooden comb, and a ruby red apple with two bite marks retell a hairy tale. Three scales and a place setting weigh the political, economic and social ramifications of food in the age of globalization. What is real and what is illusion? We might call it bowing to paradox*.

*Fragment from the poem Like Blossoms Falling by Kathleen Flowers.
magnolia leaves, etched glass, chicken wishbones, wood, metal 2010

Homage to Kathleen

Like Blossoms Falling by Kathleen Flowers

Wishful Thinking

Tangled Identity