Cross Hairs

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"Cross Hairs presents words that describe hair - words that are often negative – unruly, kinky, oily, dull, and wispy crossed with hairstyle names like mullet, mohawk, momoware, cornrows, bob, and flattop. The installation also crosses furnishings with materials found in bathrooms and beauty parlors, those sites of narcissistic encounters with hair.

Mirrors on the walls and floor reflect and multiply a large cone of hairballs along with the viewer, tipping our perspective. A wall of toilet paper tubes is embedded with spheres that magnify the names of hairstyles: another peek at a truer scale of our hair identity. This installation unveils our view of hair types and places our tangled cultural and visceral reactions in the crosshairs." - Terri Hopkins, Art Gym Curator
Artist Project Grant provided by The Regional Arts & Cultural Council Exhibited at The Art Gym at Marylhurst University 2005